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For too many years students struggling to complete their studies have had to do it whilst living in dormitories with all the distractions, interruptions and diversions they are associated with but today, with student residences like Vista Taft 1344, students can enjoy the safe, secure, peaceful and interruption free space the residential units provide. However, all work and no play is not always the best way to aspire to heights many strive for and so Vista Land have ensured that these residences are not only within 500m of all the above mentioned schools, malls, medical and government facilities plus the parks and LRT stations for destinations further away, but they have also included in the towers, extra facilities for rest and relaxation.

The spacious lobby which is shared by both the offices and residences makes an ideal meeting place before setting off on joint ventures with other students and the roof deck has a fitness room and a pool. The roof deck also makes a great place to relax, contemplating the stars at night or feel relaxed not having to be part of the bustle you see in the streets below. 3 passenger and 1 service elevator make it easy to return to your apartment to study after your relaxations.

Although all students need breaks from their studies, all too often they cannot fully enjoy the spare time they make, due to the time lost in travelling between venues but with Vista Taft 1344 excellent location, no time has to be wasted travelling whatever your extra- tutorial activities may be, allowing the most possible time for the purpose intended.

Of course though, the most important thing to any student is their studying and classes but those are also made easier by the fact that no great distances have to be travelled between home and school, which also relieves a lot of stress worrying about reaching classes on time. Add to that the safe, peaceful environment that can be enjoyed after classes are finished and you have the perfect scenario for excellent results.

Safety and Security

It is perhaps an unfortunate fact that in this modern age we have to be even more vigilant and aware for our security than we possibly ever have been before in our past. It is often not only students that have to worry for their safety but also the family members of the student that worry about them as well. The security and safety that a project like Vista Taft 1344 offers its residents allows peace of mind for all, once again helping to relieve some of the stresses many students feel whilst being away from home, often for their first time.

Although the location and nearby amenities are excellent for students, they are also compatible to the needs of young aspiring professionals and as Taft Avenue passes through or close to many of Manila’s busiest business districts, a residential unit in Vista Taft 1344 may ideal for young executives working far from their homes.

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  • Residential and Office Lobby
  • Swimming Pool
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