Vista Taft 1344 - PRICE LIST

Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Option 1 : Spot Cash with 10% discount
Option 2 : ( 40 – 60 Scheme )
40% DP over 60 months
60% Remaining balance payable thru BF


DP - Down Payment
BF - Bank Financing
Reservation Fee: PHP 25,000


Why You Should Buy Vista Taft 1344

In the past, finding suitable accommodation that will allow a student or young businessman to function at their best, has been difficult to find but now, with projects like Vista Taft 1344 which specifically target these groups of residents, the task of finding suitable accommodations has been made much easier.

The most important thing that these targeted groups need is the ability to have their own space, free from anxieties and stress when needed but also convenient for their schools or workplaces, as well as for extra-curricular activities when time would allow. Vista Taft 1344 meets all of these requirements and even adds the extra advantages of fitness room, pool and relaxed rooftop area without even having to leave the building, let alone endure overcrowded traffic. It is therefore little wonder that Vista Land’s similar, earlier projects met with such success as they did and following up immediately with this project shows how scarce suitable accommodations had been in the past.

Vista Land’s claim that they build homes for every Filipino is certainly justified when they target groups of potential residents which have seemingly been missed out in the past but it is perhaps their ability to meet the needs of all Filipinos at a cost they can afford, which makes them the most successful and largest development group in the country. With the foresight and compassion for people’s real needs that they have displayed in the Vista Taft 1344 project, Vista Land can rightly continue to make the claim that they build housing for Filipinos and not for profit, a claim which time and again has been shown to be true and is helping to house hundreds more Filipinos every year, allowing them to feel security and comforts they could never afford before.


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